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People use their creativity to transform the status quo of this world. As such, one should live beyond routines, repetitiveness and oblivion.

EarthBorn Solutions is committed to creating the finest personal-product experience to those seeking all-natural choices, reaching beyond normalcy in the pursuit of the extraordinary.

As kind to your face as it is for the planet
Safe for your brushes, your skin and the environment. (plus it really works!)
A breakthrough in makeup cleaning technology, EarthBorn Solutions Makeup Brush Cleaner safely cleanses away makeup and mascara, and won’t aggravate sensitive skin or acne. It works great on both natural and synthetic brushes, and costs less than you might spend on brands containing harmful ingredients.
The best reason to use Earthborn Solutions? It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, so you can be kind to your skin and your brushes while doing something wonderful for our planet. Don’t sacrifice quality, safety or clear skin to save money. EarthBorn Solutions is the all-natural makeup brush cleaner you can feel good about using!
“I have been using this product for over a  month. I found it to be quite effective and gentle to my face via the thorough cleaning of my cosmetic sponges and makeup brushes. Instead of using baby shampoo or Neutrogena gentle cleanser which I had previously used, I found that EarthBorn makeup brush cleaner has more value behind it. Earthborn supports the environment and protects our skin through the use of natural products while avoiding soy and paraben. As a medical professional, working in a dermatologist office for 6 years I discovered that many patients had an allergic reaction to paraben which is a known carcinogen. Parabens are often found in cosmetic products. I am very comfortable recommending earthborn as an amazing product that in the long term while helping the environment and enriching the person’s skin.”
Clinical Research Scientist Coordinator/MD
All natural ingredients
Won’t clog pores
Paraben free

Vegan/gluten free
Dye free
No alcohol or peroxide
Cruelty free
“As someone who works in the Entertainment/Art industry I am, and always have been,  around makeup 24/7. After 27 years, finally someone has created an all-natural makeup brush cleaner that is more effective and is safer (for me and for our world)! I’ve been whipping up homemade products lately, craving more natural elements for my body. I absolutely love using this product! I notice the difference in my skin because of how clean my application tools are.”
— Anita Keyes-Lee, Model/Artist
“Cleaning your brushes is easily the most daunting task of being a makeup artist in New York City! I was so pleased to see how much the Earthborn Solutions Brush Cleaner sped up the process. It was like magic, and I couldn’t believe that because the cleaner was so efficient, it cut my cleaning time in half. I’ll never go back to anything else.”
— Julie Rose Loketi, Makeup Artist
What’s in your make up brush cleaner?
You may not think that your makeup brush cleaner could actually be harmful, but it’s true. Lurking inside that innocent-looking bottle on your shelf may be chemicals that could hurt your immune system, upset your hormone balance or even cause cancer.